DoctorLavr brand provides the quality which is guaranteed by the brands name itself

Our service has already existed for quite some time. The average BMW experience of the members of our main team is at least 10 years. Despite the fact, that DoctorLavr is initially the producer of BMW premium exhaust systems, we also work in the following directions:
Because of the full transition to our own production of the manifolds as well as the accompanying repair parts and tools, we have improved the level of quality to the maximum possible level. Try it out yourself and since then you will only have one specialist for your BMW!

Uprating up to 15%

The unique design of our exhaust systems ensures the additional discharge of exhaust gases, which in turn allows us to improve the blowdown of the combustion chamber of each cylinder and increase the performance and the torque curve.


Every single gram of weight reduction is important in professional auto-tuning. Exhaust components from Dr. Lavr bmw performance are 20% lighter than standard ones.


All exhaust systems and components are made of 304 AISI high - quality stainless steel


Due to the use of professional advanced equipment for argon arc welding and fine handwork we have an opportunity to make the highest quality joints, which are reliable and look aesthetically pleasing.


Our resonators and silencers are made of the thoroughly selected characteristics of internal perforated pipes, thick coil of stainless steel wool and very high-temperature anti-vibration filling material made of basalt fiber, which ensure a pleasant sport sound and make our products durable.


Our service is fitted with all the necessary tools and equipment for the professional high-quality service of your BMW! Visit us and get high-quality service at affordable prices

Hello, my name is Alexander Lavr or DoctorLavr!
Im the founder of the DoctorLavr brand, producing the BMW exhaust systems. Read About us and check our social channels to find lots of interesting things!

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