Cast iron intake camshaft N52, N52N BMW engines

Cast iron intake camshaft N52
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The intake camshaft of the engines of the N51, N52, N52N series (2005-2011 year of production) is made of high - test iron with spherical graphite (VC45 (HT45) brand). Such camshaft is the best alternative for the replacement of a regular insecure steel camshaft. Cast iron has an increased heat storage capacity, which allows the camshaft bearing journals not to become larger in the diameter at elevated temperatures as well as to avoid oil starvation which leads to planes friction. OEM 11 31 7 563 663.

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Cast iron of VC45 (HC45) brand
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Video about the N52 exhaust camshaft

The best alternative to a regular insecure steel camshaft
The high heat storage capacity of cast iron
OEM 11 31 7 563 663

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