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Special tools and spare parts for BMW. Camshaft, Vanos components and various tool kits for solving any problems with BMW.

In stock
Bearing caps for intake camshaft N52, N55
- + pcs.
In stock
Exhaust camshaft bedplate N52 N54 N55
- + pcs.
In stock
Camshaft ring N52, N54, N55, S55, N63
- + pcs.
In stock
A special set of tool replacement seals direct injection injectors
- + pcs.
In stock
A special tool  N63, S63, N74 (since the 2012 year of production) VVEL
- + pcs.
In stock
Chain tension adjuster N63, N74 VVEL
- + pcs.
On order
Lock wrench of the crankshaft hub N20, N12, N13, N46, N52, N53, N54, N55
In stock
A push puller for the rear axle reducer silent block F10, F06, F01
- + pcs.
On order
A set for the test of the cooling system integrity (#JTC-1005)
$12 000
$13 500


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