Vacuum throttle of muffler ⌀76 mm

Vacuum throttle ⌀76 mm
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Vacuum throttle is a regulator of exhaust gas flow. The function of the throttle is to overlap the direct flow line and the gas flow direction through the additional silencer. This allows the sports exhaust system to work in a quieter and more comfortable sound mode. The throttle is always in a closed state; the valve opens when the discharged air is delivered. Advantages of the vacuum throttle over electronic analogs:
- more reliable and durable design
- the overlap speed is 2 times faster
- more compact and esthetically attractive body
The control kit (item number 0814), designed for 1-2 throttles, is sold separately.

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All of the body


Wall thickness:
3 mm
Throttle diameter ⌀76 mm; dimensions 200 * 110 * 110 mm; Closed zero state
409AISI stainless steel
1 kg

BMW e90 Sports Exhaust Project. Regular or Direct Flow - who win?

Reliable and durable design
Fast overlap speed
Compact body
Aesthetically attractive look
6 - months warranty

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