High flow sports catalyst EURO-3 ⌀90

Sports catalyst EURO-3 ⌀90
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High flow sports catalysts have a maximum throughput capacity of 200 cells (200 cells per inch), which promotes the considerable capacity gain up to 5 -10%; these catalysts comply with the EURO - 3 environmental standard (which was managed by the European Union from 2000 to 2005). They are installed in the exhaust line right near to the direct flow manifolds, however, you can install them instead of the standard catalysts. Replacement of a deficient standard catalyst to a sports one is 5-6 times cheaper. When installing catalysts in the exhaust system, we recommend you additionally buying a transformer adapter 0712/ 0713 that minimizes turbulence in the exhaust gas flow.

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All of the body


Wall thickness:
1.5 mm
Dimensions: 90 mm * 100 mm
all bodies
409AISI stainless steel
0.8 kg
Environmental Standard: EURO-3
Maximum throughput capacity
High-flow 200 cell design
Sound wave absorption 30%
Alternative to the standard catalyst removal

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