Sports Exhaust System BMW E60, E61 N52/ N53 KIT-3

Sport Exhaust System KIT E60 N52 KIT-3
(Savings - $80)

The sports exhaust system BMW E60, E61 is developed for engines of the N52, N53 series (2003-2009 year of production). Made of high quality 304AISI stainless steel. Direct-flow system provides maximum exhaust throughput. The thoroughly selected characteristics of internal perforated pipes as well as the overall volume of the resonator body ensure a pleasant sport sound at all diapasons of engine speeds. The dense winding of the perforated pipes with stainless steel wool and the ultra-heat-resistant basalt fiber filler give the resonator and muffler maximum reliability and durability. This kit can be installed on the M54 engines with a little improvement of the silencer headpipes.

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Wall thickness:
1.5 mm
Diameter of the line pipes Ø54 mm
304AISI stainless steel
22 kg

E60 N52 muffler sound test

Capacity increase + 3% hp
Increased throughput capacity
Lighter than regular exhaust -5kg
Installation on standard brackets
Superb sports sound, deep bass
1-year warranty

Delivery throughout Russia and the world

Delivery by courier services:

EMS Express
Russian Post

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