Seal O-rings graphite metal for manifolds N52 BMW graphite metal, 6 pcs.

Seal O-rings for manifolds N52, 6 pcs.
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Manifold seal rings made of graphite and metal for BMW engines of the N52 and N53 series. OEM 18 40 7 530 606.

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Wall thickness:
Flat ring
Metal, graphite
0,05 kg
Necessary replacement when installing exhaust manifolds
OEM 18 40 7 530 606

Delivery in Moscow and Moscow Region

By courier within 2-4 hours

Within the MRHW:
- 700 rub. for items up to 5 kg
- 900 rub. for items from 5kg

Outside the MRHW:
+300 rub. every 5 km

Prices are approximate and are corrected depending on the recipients location.

Delivery throughout Russia and the world

Delivery by courier services:

EMS Express
Russian Post
SDEK freight forwarder
PEK freight forwarder
Delovyi Linii freight forwarder

Delivery of the tools for rent

Delivery of the tools with waiting at once

1200 rub/hour

Attention! The rental service is not included in the price of delivery and will be charged additionally.

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