Double - layered adhesive thermal tape made of silicon oxide, 5m

Double - layered thermal tape, 5m
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This adhesive thermal tape is fully non-flammable and provides 80% of the heat insulation of exhaust manifolds from the engine room units, which is achieved due to a material made of silicon oxide with mineral impregnation. The key function of these thermal tapes in motorsport is the temperature preservation of the exhaust gases at their start, which creates additional discharge and improves the blowdown of the valves exhaust channels at higher speeds of the engine.
Besides, the adhesive thermal tape creates additional sound suppression and absorbs resonance. It can withstand temperatures up to 1300 C for a long period of time. The required amount of tape for winding sports manifolds: 4-6 cyl. - 10-15 m; V8 - 20 m; double downpipe - 4 m.

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All of the body


Wall thickness:
Dimensions: 5000*55 mm
Material made of silicon oxide with mineral impregnation
0,3 kg

Our video about the functions of thermal tape

Fusioning temperature 1300 C
Doesnt irritate the hands skin.
Doesnt need to be wetted before winding
Water, oil, and petrol resistant
Doesnt require additional glues and sprays for fixing
Handmade, stitched with non-flammable threads

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