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DoctorLavr is a brand that is acquiring worldwide popularity at the moment. The brand is engaged in producing BMW exhaust systems and premium components. The high quality and advantageous prices of our products are a hands-down winner in comparison to such global brands as Supersprint, Borla, Akrapovic, Eisenmann. Besides, except for our production, we have a professional service center. Our service masters can repair or tune your BMW exhaust with a unique design of any complexity, as well as perform any other the repair and maintenance of your BMW.

Our main team


Alexander Lavr

Brand founder and the production manager


Denis Scherbakov

Head of the sales department. Service receptionist. Professional BMW, experience since 2006


Alexey Ivanov

Senior master of the service center, BMW mechanic, motorist, diagnostician. Professional BMW, experience since 2004


Oleg Kazakov

Leading master of the service center, BMW mechanic, motorist. Professional BMW, experience since 2004


Potanin Ivan

Design engineer of exhaust systems. Professional experience since 2003


Hello! My name is Alexander Lavr, Im the founder of DR.LAVR BMW Performance Exhaust. For the last 18 years, my life has been directly and indirectly connected with BMW. I started to be passionate about these cars in 2002 when I first saw a black 328i in e36 body. This car captured my mind for an hour as I was longingly looking at it, thoroughly peering into its both sports and conservative features, a unique cowl turned to the driver and so on. Our dreams and thoughts are material so 2 years later I finally got it - my first old but very own BMW e36 325i! I spent countless days and nights in garages, lying under a car with a wrench in my hand or in the car with a bottle of nice beer)) Viktor Tsoi was singing to me out of a standard cassette recorder) I was surfing thematic forums every day. These days I was working as an auto body mechanic in BMW services, seeking career growth ... I havent even realized how many years have passed before I opened my little club repair shop/garage in 2012 and called it BmwDoctor.

Engaged in repairing the Bavarians with my friends, I became more and more excited about BMW exhaust tuning. I started to learn gas-dynamic processes, listen to the sound of the silencer of each engine. Having become a BMW exhaust addict, I started to constantly experiment with regular exhaust systems, buying the expensive sports exhaust manifolds and silencers from worldwide manufacturers such as Borla, Supersprint. I tested sounds in different combinations of silencers, was constantly driving my own cars, cars of my friends for Before and After dyno pulls. Some time later I became friends with some cool engineers professionally involved in gas-dynamic calculations.

Now we are far from 2002. Im not that careless student with a Bavr-Lavr nickname among my friends anymore, spending days and nights in garages with my BMW patients and a pile of silencers from them ... However, I still love my Life Business and enjoy positive feedback from satisfied customers.

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Hello, my name is Alexander Lavr or DoctorLavr!
Im the founder of the DoctorLavr brand, producing the BMW exhaust systems. Read About us and check our social channels to find lots of interesting things!

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