Sport equal length manifold N52 engine BMW X3 E83

Sport manifold N52
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Equal length sports manifold for BMW X3 E83 with an engine of the N52 series (2006 - 2010 year of production). Its made of high-quality 304AISI stainless steel. This model also (with minor modifications) fits BMW E85/ E86 (Z4) with an engine of the N52 series (2004 - 2008 year of production). The design with continuously curved pipes of a particular length, which equal the distance from the exhaust valves to the point of the peak resonance (a place where the manifold is installed), creates the most comfortable gas emission and additional discharging in the exhaust system. This allows improving the blowdown of the combustion chamber of each cylinder at medium and higher engine speeds. Such V8 manifold increases the capacity of the engine with limited indicators by 20 - 27 hp. and improves the quality of the torque curve. This manifold gives the exhaust system a more intensive and aggressive sound. Besides, its used as a credible alternative to catalysts removal.

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Wall thickness:
1.5 - 1.8 mm
Consists of 2 elements (1-3, 4-6 cylinders)
304AISI stainless steel
6,6 kg

Installation of collectors N52 on the example of F10

Lighter than the standard manifold - 5 kg
Alternative to the catalyst removal
Capacity increase +10% hp
Reduction of the exhaust backpressure
Intensive sports sound
7-year warranty

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